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Adagolás: 1 adagolókanál 250 ml vízzel elkeverve edzés után közvetlenül fogyasztva. Ne lépje túl az ajánlott adagolást.


XTREME GLUTAMINE is the most advanced food supplement delivering high quality pure glutamine. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in human body responsible for nitrogen delivery, glucose liver production, body immunity and maintenance of positive nitrogen balance. Moreover, glutamine as a glutathione precursor, regulates body antioxidant capacity and is responsible for fast free radicals degradation. During intense training sessions body breaks down cell proteins to release necessary glutamine what results in increased demands for this important amino acid among all athletes and active persons.


Designed to increase lean muscle mass XTREME GLUTAMINE is an incredible breakthrough in sports nutrition. XTREME GLUTAMINE contains the most concentrated source of this powerful amino acid which helps to achieve optimal muscle growth, increase muscle strength and enhance recovery. XTREME GLUTAMINE protects against free radicals and decreased post-workout immunity.


XTREME GLUTAMINE should be included in every dietary plan during the period of high intensity trainings or competitions as well as in periods of increased risk of catching cold or fever.


XTREME GLUTAMINE is now available in two different forms: powder and tablets. From now on, anyone can choose the most desired and convenient form of this incredible supplement!



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