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Adagolás: 2 tabletta napi 3x üres gyomorra, reggel, edzés előtt és közvetlenül utána.


Anabolic supplement that provides branched chain amino acids


  • The highest quality branched chain amino acids

  • Enhances anabolic stimulation

  • Accelerates cell regeneration

  • Ensures proper post-workout recovery

  • Optimal doses of BCAA

  • 1000 mg of leucine per serving!

  • Recommended for both individual and team sports


XTREME BCAA 2000 provides the highest quality easy assimilated branched chain amino acids. Each serving delivers optimal doses of L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine in quantitative ratio very similar to naturally occurring in muscle tissue. It means that all delivered amino acids can precisely replenish BCAA lost during hard intense training sessions. High content of luecine in XTREME BCAA 2000 strongly stimulates insulin secretion, which is powerful anabolic hormone. Insulin not only regulates blood glucose level but also acts as a strong anabolic stimulator. Increase of insulin levels results in enhanced protein synthesis and inhibition of catabolic processes in muscle tissue. It means that leucine together with other branched chain amino acids delivered by BCAA 2000 significantly increases anabolism and can be used as a building block in muscle tissue.


Moreover, the highest quality of delivered by XTREME BCAA 2000 amino acids ensures their rapid intestine absorption allowing for instant muscle recuperation. All properties of XTREME BCAA 2000 cause that it can be efficiently used by both individual and team sports athletes.




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