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Producător: Ultimate Nutrition
Model: ULT001_120caps
Ambalaj: 120 capsule
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Dozare: ca supliment alimentar capsule de două ori pe zi timp de 3 - 2.5 dl de apă în dimineața și după-amiaza devreme. Pe formarea zile 30 de minute înainte de antrenament. Să nu depășească 6 capsule pe zi si 6 ore de somn nu iau Ellora.

PowerGrape® is a whole grape extract that has flavanols, especially procyanidins. It has been shown to decrease oxidative stress generated in professional athletes during competition and increase plasma antioxidant capacity.

The Red Zone™ fatigue-delaying complex combines CoQ-10 and beta alanine to extend workouts. Energy is the currency the body uses to carry out all metabolic processes and to function optimally. Energy is especially required during exercise and in endurance training when athletes not only need instant energy but also a sufficient supply of oxygen to maintain a rigorous regimen.

Coenzyme Q10 is the spark that produces energy is the body. Coenzyme Q10 is an essential compound necessary for the transport and breakdown of fat into energy. Because CoQ10 produces energy in combination with respiration, supplementation with dietary CoQ10 ensures that muscles and other critical tissues and organs receive an ample amount of oxygen via blood.

Beta-alanine increases lactate threshold, improves the ability to maintain maximal power output during high-intensity exercise, and decreases neuromuscular fatigue.

Red Zone™ also contains a proprietary Calorie Burning Complex. This complex is designed to aid the body with antioxidants while burning calories through thermogenesis.

Workout harder, longer, and burn fat with Ultimate Nutrition Red Zone™.

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